Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia
A Parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
Norwich CT USA
St. John of Kronstadt

If St. Seraphim of Sarov had predicted the fall of Holy Russia nearly a century before, St. John of Kronstadt (1829-1908) had an immediate vision and complete understanding of the approaching tragedy.

Yet St. John was widely famous and deeply loved not so much for his insights and prophesies (which by and large were disregarded by the "intelligent" public), but for his numerous healings and other instances of utterly miraculous help. Today we can clearly see how the Lord has worked through his faithful servant towards the salvation of millions; those healed by St. John, members of their families, their friends, and everyone else whose lives were in any way affected by the Wonderworker of Kronstadt, have cherished his memory and steadfastly kept true Orthodox faith, in spite of Bolshevist persecutions in Russia or modernist temptations in diaspora.

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